How to make new friends at campus?
Date Added: July 12, 2009 11:50:01 AM

Man being a social animal is not designed to live in isolation. He being grown up in societies is naturally inclined towards socialization. Although he has this natural ability, yet at times one might face some difficulties to make new contacts and adjust himself at a new place. Especially children might feel it tough to communicate with new school fellows and make new friends. This phenomenon is more observed in shy children, when they have to go to college alone. However social and bold students don’t face such problems, and easily make new friends where ever they go.


Below are some great ways you could keep in mind and practice when you join a new place. Following these tips will really help you making new friends at campus.


Clubs and associations


Various clubs and associations are a great means of socializing and initiating new friendships. They are meant for this very purpose. So getting membership in such associations will help you find good company.


High School Alumni


Roots from the same high school will definitely generate “we- feeling” among the students. Try to locate people who studied at the same school where you did. They surely will love to talk and discuss old things common between you and them.


Sports and Games


Games and sports are great mean to generate new friendships. Though college sports are not of very high level, nevertheless participation in leagues will help you socialize more then to sit alone in your room.


Membership in library


Try hitting the library as soon as you can. This will serve twofold purpose. One helping you prepare your notes, as well as getting acquainted with new friends. They might also be helpful to you in studies.


Walk and friendship


It is advisable to go for walk and have new friends. Have chit chats and sit at some popular place, introduce yourself and have a nice time.


Attending sports events


Try to make possible your presence at sports events. Games are a means to bring friends together. Most of the students are present at such events, so you will get a chance to meet many people.


Visit campus famous spots


Every college has some famous sitting and hanging out spots. Make frequent visits there as well, as to remain in touch with the latest happenings and meet your friends.


Keep your door open


Try to keep the door of your room open, so that anyone can come in frankly. If you keep your door open, you will have greater chances to make new friends.