Free Flights and How to Get Them Faster
Date Added: May 27, 2012 03:42:00 PM

We cannot deny; one of the expensive things to pay for in travels and trips is the airfare. However, there is a way around this where you can actually get your airfare free. Yes, this is indeed possible. Airline companies have created schemes in order to get as many passengers to fly in their planes. What they do is they set up frequent flier privileges. For those who always fly in their planes, they get accumulated points that will eventually amount to free airfare.


However, there is an even faster way of getting that free airfare. You can have yourself bumped.


Keeping in mind that there are also others eyeing to get bumped, you must be precise and ahead all the time. The first step is to book yourself with the idea of getting bumped in the back of your mind. Go for early flights that you will surely miss. After all, you will still be given a later scheduled flight.


Next, check for overbooked flights. Get ahead and contact travel agencies a day before, at least, to check on the status of the flights available, then book yourself. Or, you can check in at the airport by asking personnel if a certain flight is already overbooked and that you are willing to be bumped. And just to be on the safe side, always book for a backup round-trip flight in case your bump does not go through. You can attempt your bump in the backup flight, so be sure to have your backup flight available on all airlines as much as possible.


To increase your chances of getting bumped, go to the airport and check in first. This way, should the flight get overbooked, priority of volunteers who wish to get bumped will be on a first come first serve basis. Since you got to the airport and checked in early, you will be among the first few to get to volunteer. If you do not get a guaranteed seat on your plane in the next flight, request for schedules from the other airlines, and from there, you can have yourself assigned a seat. If your wait takes a long time, say, about two hours, you can ask for meal vouchers. Airlines give out meal vouchers, but only if you ask.


Bottom-line, you will eventually get that free ticket. All you will need before anything else if you are working on a tight airfare budget is a flexible schedule. Have yourself available to fly anytime of the day. That way, more flights are available to you and a bigger chance to get bumped as well.