The Latest In Alternative Energy Sources
Date Added: May 07, 2012 03:31:04 PM

A lot our conventional energy sources are non-renewable. For quite some time, this has caused so much fear on people. Amazingly, this same fear instigated a major upheaval in the research arena for other alternative energy sources. Some people may not be aware, but more and more items which you could consider garbage or useless can now actually be considered as an energy source. The strange thing is that as more and more people make use of the energy from well-developed sources, there are also more potential alternative energy sources that spring up, like a well of possibilities that waits to be tapped by the willing scientific and enthusiastic fingers that will discover it. And this present age has indeed, generated more scientific and enthusiastic hands aided with the best of what technological advancements have to offer us.


One of the most amusing examples of this at work is the use of cooking oil as gasoline. There’s this truck that goes all over the United States and collects grease from deep-fried foods in restaurants and bars who will allow them. Most are more than willing to oblige them with all the used cooking oil they could give since the grease is often useless. This engine was built, and even if the truck smells like chicken, the car works solely on the grease and diminishes the need for petroleum gas.


In Missouri, a plant has been created that converts animal body parts to oil. Apparently, turkey is the most popular animal of their choice. Not only will the turkey make for a good Thanksgiving dinner, it will also now provide you the energy that you will have more reasons to celebrate Thanksgiving for! Also, aside from the bones and other hard parts, the fatty parts which we do not eat are now also being used to develop biological fuel. Vietnam is known to be doing this to their cat fish these days, and other countries are also following suit.


Even flowers can now be used as an eco-source. This incredible new research shows that there is still hope to extract something useful from wilted flowers. After the novelty of receiving that bouquet has worn off and it is beyond pressing the petals in between book pages Medieval style, you can now convert those flowers into something that can provide the energy that people need more these days. Wildflowers in Scotland when properly mixed with other plant species are actually competent enough to beat the amount of bio fuel that can be taken from corn and soy beans. Corn and soy beans are also budding alternative energy sources, but based from what this groundbreaking research revealed, there is more to the wildflowers than meets the eye. You can also include prairie grass because it has also been mentioned in the wildflower bio fuel research as potential sources of energy.


Aside from these bio fuel sources, the most high end alternative energy source that has been discovered in recent researches involves hydrogen fuel. Hydrogen fuel is lighter and much easier to produce. In fact, chocolate factory waste when mixed with e coli can actually produce this hydrogen gas. However, feasible as it may be, production of hydrogen remains to be too expensive for mass production, although it is already being groomed as a top alternative energy source to nuclear and petroleum. Hydrogen is so much cleaner than the latter two, since its only byproduct is water, as opposed to harmful risks entailed by using nuclear energy.


The ongoing researches all over the world on the subject of alternative energy sources have been very promising. While it’s true that the demand for energy has grown considerably higher over the past few centuries due to the change of demands in energy to be taken for technology, devices and day-to-day living, it is also true that in this present age, there is infinitely more resourcefulness and creativity that enables people to look for value even in the most unimaginable places. Despite differences in methods and techniques, combining all these new discoveries on alternative energy sources together, there may come a day that when we run out of non-renewable sources, we will be able to have enough fallback to maintain a pleasurable and energy-filled quality of living.