Girl Color Codes
Date Added: May 04, 2012 09:52:07 AM

The female species are complicated to understand, this most males would agree too. An additional twist in the new age is added, now making women confusing to their fellow species as well. True to the nature of females of wanting to put order in things, color codes were invented to identify different types of women.


The first color is white. These ladies are those that prefer to confuse men alone as they are their choice of partner. The whites come in different packages, they can be snotty, down-to-earth, bitchy, sweet, girly-girly or even boyish. No matter what their personality is, one thing is clear to them: they prefer men to figure out their composition.


 The second color is blue. They are girls that appreciate the same human anatomy as males: the female anatomy. Blues are those that go for girls and play the man role in the relationship. They are the pursuers and the anchors. The degree of their male role in a relationship transpires in different settings, whether in taking the tab for dates (in some cultures), and acting the part of a personal bodyguard whose main responsibility is to keep her woman well-protected, secured and happy.


Blues may be the man in the relationship, but it doesn’t automatically mean that they wear the pants too, figuratively and literally. There are some who are boyish in movements, mannerisms, thinking, and fashion sense, but there are also those who still dress as boyish or down to earth white ladies.


The third color is pink. This type is the most complicated as they are guised as typical ladies, but in reality they do not share the same preferences in relationships. The pinks are the blues partners, but they play the girl’s part. They can be their usual moody, feminine, and complicated self. They can enjoy being a damsel in distress, but they wish not for a knight in shining armor to come to their rescue. Their prince charming in a white horse does not need balls to carry them away.


Though color codes are in place, it doesn’t simplify the distinction of one color to another in real life. This is just the way of women, always mysterious in their ways. It’s bad enough to try to understand the makings of a woman, here is a new layer for males to uncover. It is a difficult feat indeed as even women have a hard time deciphering their own kind. In men hybrids, fashion and mannerisms can give them away. But with women, fashion and passions of white, blue, and pink can still be the same. There is no best way to decode the color based on observation alone. Taking caution to the lady’s receptiveness to male attention isn’t an accurate indication as ladies do play the hard to get role in the dating game. The best approach is to look for common friends that would know better, do background check on past relationships or simply confront the lady. Hopefully, the lady is clear enough on her preference as its common knowledge too that women are pretty indecisive.