Tips to handle smoke detectors
Date Added: January 31, 2012 12:40:47 PM
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Amongst many other safety devices of anybody’s home, smoke detectors or alarms are one of the most important ones. The chances of the survival of your loved ones from fire are improved if you have properly maintained and checked the smoke alarms of your house. According to recent reports, around 65% of cases and fatalities occur owing to the reasons that the fire alarms are either not present in the houses or not working properly.

Alarms should be placed at proper places to get the maximum advantage. Alarms with dead battery or at improper places are of no use. Following are some tips though which you could maximize your and your family’s protection.

Make sure that the detectors are placed properly. You should periodically check the batteries; moreover the detectors should be replaced every eight to ten years. Similarly if there is any member of the family who is impaired then there should be such alarm which should have lights in them.

Variety of smoke detectors are available in the market, you can get a battery operated detectors and install them by yourself. In case you want to install wired detectors then you should call a proper electrician and get them installed.

In order to keep the detectors long lasting proper maintenance is required. These alarms start making a chirping noise when their battery is about to finish. The US fire administration recommends that the batteries should be replaced every year. The ten years lithium batteries die and the whole detector should be replaced.

You must be careful that the detectors are not placed near to kitchen as they may be triggered due to steam or smoke produced during day to day cooking. In case you are unaware of the proper locations where to place the detectors, then you can call a qualified expert who is well aware of the building code and proper requirements of the alarms.

Most common positions where you could place the detectors could be bedrooms within ten to fifteen feet near to the doors. They should be placed at such places where the smoke can be easily detected. If they are placed too high on the walls or the roofs then they will not be able to detect the smoke. As the smoke will be blown away due to fans and windows. Therefore it should be placed away from the windows. One thing should be kept in mind that the system which are wired should not be on such a circuit which can be easily turned off from the wall.