Advantages & Disadvantages of TV
Date Added: May 21, 2011 09:20:01 AM

In the modern world technology is mounting very swiftly. Wonders of technological advance are still surprising people with its innovative additions. The comfort and placate we get from this technological advance had never been expected by our ancestors who had lived their lives about five thousands years ago. This advancement has also furnished us with entertainment, in which the invention of television is top of the list. TV has got a rapid popularity as it was considered as coloured box with moving pictures. The amusements and joys which TV has provided about sixty years ago were incomparable in that stereotype life. 

TV share equal importance in urban life and in rural life too. It is also accepted that Television has both advantages and disadvantages and for one it is very difficult to decide what to watch and what to leave, and sometimes we want to watch everything but could not be done such like that. It is obvious; television is the major source of information. TV communicates with people as their friends, as the characters on TV are doing direct conservations with the people who are watching them outside. Watching has become a habit for people. Obviously it does not give an impression of loneliness and do not let people bore when they have nothing to do. Daily a large number of people listen and watch a news programme that provides them with the essential information. TV has become a reliable source to believe about world happenings without any doubt.

TV provides a great supply of entertainment. It offers the viewer to take them on trip along with the programme and let them relax while they watch the show sitting on their sofas. This is also a comfort, that people visit many places while watching TV shows.  Everybody knows TV alone cannot run itself. It requires the help of advertisement. Advertisement is making people brand conscious. It creates awareness among masses that what to buy, which one is better than other, what are the trends prevailing nowadays. Most of the time people know the weaknesses of the product but they are compelled to buy because of the cosmetic value of the product. 

There are many disadvantages of watching TV. It is harmful to stay in front of the TV for a long time. It hurts the viewers’ eyes and health. Lying on bed for a long time or keep a positioning without movement may harm our health. It is considered as over relaxing which makes people lazy as said by the doctors.TV has made the people crazy that can be said as addiction. Children do not miss their favourite cartoons or shows and no matter if their school works are missed. Housewives forget their kitchen work while watching their favourite shows. Many a girls prefer their celebrity shows over any party. Similarly boys miss their classes for the sake of football or cricket match, which is telecasting live on TV. TV can also cause anxiety among public. It makes people inactive, indeed we know the disadvantages but still we love to watch TV.